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Får IS/Daesh vapen och finansiering av den amerikanska regeringen?

Nedan en artikel om hur den amerikanska regeringen finansierar IS/Daesh, mycket läsvärt.

Far from being an enemy, the growing terrorist army gives U.S government the green light for more endless war

Tryck på denna länk för att lyssna på Steven D Kelley 

 Stephen D Kelley is an ex CIA/NSA contractor who believes that ISIS is a “completely fabricated enemy”. In this short radio interview with Press TV, the whistleblower points out that stopping the terror group’s funding would be the most logical and efficient way of crushing them.

“For people to think this enemy is something to be attacked is a farce,” Kelley says. “It’s something we created; we control.”

Kelley goes on to say he would like to believe the American public “are not completely ignorant”, and says ISIS receives direct “funding from the United States and its allies.”

Why? Well, war makes the world go around. The arms trade, rebuilding contracts, middle Eastern oil fields – all of these things are worth much more than human life to the psychopaths who rule the world. According to Kelley, ISIS were “designed to create massive amounts of fear and cause a response here at home, a knee-jerk reaction…to authorize more spending and bloodshed and warfare.”

While he acknowledges that ISIS are real and that thousands of extremist Islamists are flocking to join their ranks, he also believes that gruesome ISIS executions we see on corporate news are staged; designed to create such panic in the population that we are literally begging the government to do something to protect us. The ‘solution’ then comes in the form of more military actions in the region. A war without end, as Orwell predicted.

Kelley also claims that Ebola is “just another terror weapon…patented by the US government”, and tells us who he thinks is behind all this. We’ll give you a clue…it’s a family name that has long been associated with ‘conspiracy theories’…

Many people might find Kelley’s claims difficult to believe, but more evidence linking the USA and ISIS are given in the RT video report below. Also this week, the Guardian published an in-depth report into the origins of ISIS which is an excellent source for anyone who wants to find out more. It’s common knowledge now that the USA has a secret base in Syria where terrorists (or ‘rebels’ as we call them when they are fighting for us) were trained to overthrow Assad. Where are these fighters now? Many have joined ISIS, using the military arms paid for and distributed by the USA. According to this report, ISIS have had “billions of dollars worth of American weapons and training” and shockingly, they are now so well-equipped they rival Israel in their military capabilities.

Här kan du se ett reportage om hur IS/Daesh tränades och finansierades av USA